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The Nme Click was founded in 1994 and consists of Önder Grim Reaper, Vali Bootlek, Heiko Splendid and Marvin MC Marvelous. Since the beginning of 1998 they have been hosting their own radioshow "StepUp! Your Sound" on Radio Free FM. There one can catch exclusive appereances from local and [inter-]national DJs, listen to interviews, get info about the latest tunes and take part in competitions and more. Theyre always on the lookout for fresh talent to feature on the show, so feel free to get in touch with them and dont hesitate to send in mixes! 2008 German based Basswerk Records released a collabo with Dementia entitled "Always On My Mind" and a Lost Sequence Remix of the same track soon after. "Breaking The Surface" came with a Giana Brotherz Remix on Giana Records. On 2nd February 2009 Zero Methods EP was unleashed exclusively via Beatport on DSCI4 and holds a collaboration between Dementia, Zero Method and the NME Click intitled "Stick Slip". "Acrania" with Dementia has hit the shops on the same day and is available on Shadybrain as SHB006. For past releases please check the Discography on the left or try Discogs. They usually play back-2-back , covering every style from Liquid- to Techfunk and from Oldskool to Jungle. MC Marvelous is one of the most popular MCs in Germany and is known for his unique and soulful chattings.

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