After some years of producing Breakbeat, a release on the legendary Knite Force Imprint and having DJ'd at several big events like One Nation, Dreamland, One Love and C/O Pop Festival, Rouven Fehr aka. Dementia started to produce Drum N Bass in the end of 2003. Teaming up with his friend Philipp Preuss they formed Destination Unknown. The duo hooked up with other producers and DJs and quickly became well known all over Germany.

In 2005 Philipp focussed on his education, while Rouven spent more and more time alone in his studio. He decided to start a solo project and changed his alias to Dementia. He left Germany and is now living in Linz, Austria. 2006 saw a next level of Dementia's solo career. It brought collaborations with artists like Axiom, Bad Robot, and Catacomb which were signed to labels like DSCI4, Citrus, Shadow Law, and Shadybrain. Dementia`s tracks gained dj support from the likes of Trace, Optiv, Spor, Chris Renegade, Mindscape, Chris Su, Bad Company, Concord Dawn, The Panacea, N.phect, Phace, Misanthrop, The Greenman, Klute and many more. 


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Drum and Bass