Troels Knudsen



Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Troels Knudsen started making music at the age of 14. Although fascinated by all electronic genres, he quickly settled on  drum and bass under the alias Pyro when it first appeared commercially in 1995. He then spent the next few years exploring this sonic domain, seeking the darker/techier forms of the sound. In 2000, Troels and Paul Reset were signed to Trouble On Vinyl, under the Semantix moniker. This made him the first Danish producer to release drum and bass internationally. A DJ career also began to flourish at this time, resulting in Troels playing the prestigious Roskilde Festival two years in a row. Solo signings quickly followed to labels such as Outbreak and Perspective; with 'Falling' (feat. male singer Shiraz) going straight to 3 on BBC Radio 1's 5 Mighty Rollers chart. Searching for a corner of the scene they could call their own, Pyro & Paul Reset started Nerve Recordings in 2001.Over 20+ releases later (on labels such as Nerve, Collective, Industry, Habit, Leet, Deeper Realms, Shadybrain and others), Troels has developed a very distinct techno-influenced sound of his own, and has ventured to both mellow and hard territory.


Accomplished that, Troels startet experimenting with Techno and House and returns to shadybrain to deliver a proper Techno debut with his unique "7 Down EP".


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