Felix Lupus



Munich based DJ and producer Felix Lupus first came into contact with electronic music back in 1993. Listening to UK Hardcore and Jungle at that time he realized, this kind of music would heavily influence his life. He started his musical career as an MC under the alias Shoota in 1994. As he was one of the first to mc in German, his style heavily influenced the national scene. He played gigs all over Europe alongside international top DnB-artists such as his friends Phace and Misanthrop as well as Pendulum, The Panacea, Concord Dawn, Optiv, Teebee, and Bailey. Since 2001, Felix has been active as a producer, too, and debuted in 2006 with his remix of Nphect & Dizplay's "Bot Funk" on .shadybrain. His first release should be the label's most successful digital release until then.
At the beginning of 2008 he knew it was time for a change and got deeper into the production of techno and house, returning to his real name Felix Lupus. As history tends to repeat itself, he is now again  ready to release his Techno debut on .shadybrain and to let the world know he is still out there for the price.

Felix Lupus

And Life Went On