A widespread name around the globe already; Cern's production has seen released and forthcoming tracks on many of the scenes leading European record labels including UK's Renegade Hardware, Critical, Cylon, Deep Soul Music, Ingredients & Revolution Recordings; Netherlands' amazing Citrus Records, Smptm & Syndrome Audio; Germany's Basswerk & Shadybrain imprints, as well as New Zealand's own Samurai Music, Empathy Records and American labels Aesthetics & Icarus Audio. Since 2001 Cern have been collectively producing drum and bass and downbeat music for the main purpose of having a good time and making use of their creative tendencies. After finishing school both Climate(Jonny) and Omen(Ollie) began work at the then home of underground music in Auckland, Fu Bar. This is where their passion for DJing and production began; having the opportunity to experience the best of what the world had to offer in live DJ performances. After getting recognised for their DJing skills, they soon began to support some of the local and international acts for New Zealand drum and bass pioneers Subtronix and Cyanide Recordings. This is when their attention turned to production, and their skills began to take form. 2006 saw collaborations with Bulletproof, 'Rokhedz' and 'Red Mercury', and pushing the funk sound in Auckland by promoting visiting artists such as Mayhem, Noisia, Psidream and dBridge. 2007 was a productive year for Cern with their "South in Session" series and "In Depth" monthly gigs, also working on collaborations with some of New Zealand's finest up and coming producers Dose, Teknik, Menace, Consequence and Luca. 2008 saw a tough year for Cern. Sadly and suddenly, Jonny Cern passed away in July leaving behind a bright and fast rising future in the International drum and bass scene, and a huge amount of close friends and family. To this day he is hugely missed and never forgotten. Ollie Cern toured Europe and Australasia at the end of the year as a tribute, helping to keep his memory and ideas alive and helping to extend their music to everyone who has supported them over the years. Although this tragedy halted production initially, Ollie Cern has opted to continue writing and Djing in honor of his best buddy. Soon after Jonny's passing, a collaboration arose between close friends Bulletproof, Teknik & Cern called "Scatter the Ashes," a tribute tune to their fallen friend which has received critical acclaim. Following this collaboration the trio have teamed up to form a new group, Sidechain with their first 12" coming out on Syndrome Audio later this year. This side project has already received a huge amount of international Dj support, and promises to be a force to reckon with in the near future. More recently Cern has gone on to collaborate with international artists Loxy, dBridge, Logistics, Sabre, Jubei, Nymfo, Phace & Misanthrop, as well as exciting new local talent Consequence & Tokyo Prose. With another European tour in the works for 09 and a forthcoming album on Concord Dawn's imprint, Uprising, this year is set to be a busy one for Cern.

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