Budoka lives near Darmstadt in Germany. As a trained drummer and guitarist he played in different Hardcore/Metal/Punk-Formations at the time from 1988-2002, but he has also collected practical knowledge by playing in different Reggae- and Live Hip-Hop Bands. With the release of the first Prodigy-LP the interest in jungle-music has been awakened and first UK-breakbeat tapes were collected. Together with his brother David (DJ Malice) he bought the turntables in 1996 and not much later founded the Phishmaol-Cru around MC Santana, Tyrell aka DJ Gargamel (Gyration), Rayman (Gyration), DJ Spawn and other artists. Since 2000, Budoka is also active as producer and released some of his productions on German DnB-Label Tilt-Recordings. His style reaches from dark bassline emphasized minimalistic rolling tunes to intelligently arranged and jazzy, vocal dominated dancefloor tunes. His influences came from Hardcore/Metal/Punk, from Hip-Hop, but also from Jazz and from other genres. The most important influences in DnB came from artists like Ed Rush and Optical, Stakka and Skynet, and also from more jazzy artists like Big Bud and Seba.




Drum and Bass