Hailing from Nelson, the very top of New Zealand’s south island. Borderline aka Rich Gibbins is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s rising D&B talents. After sparking off his DJ career back in 2004 his interest for production grew stronger and in mid 2006 he attempted a move in to producing music. Now, 3 years into learning what is a lifetime of determination and passion to succeed in the world of music and also in between an ever expanding & busy DJ schedule, Borderline is throwing every little bit of spear time he has at making his stamp on the world of Drum and Bass. With not anything of a musical background from his younger days, he is doing it the hard way and gaining a lot of necessary respect and knowledge with the craft of production. Regardless of how much hard work Borderline has put into getting his sound where it is today there has been some lesson learning collaboration’s with respected artist’s such as ‘Hooves’ and ‘Teknik’. With 2009 half way in the past, it would be fare to say the rest of 09 is set to be a colossal year for Borderline with his first single due for release in September. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned for the name Borderline as I’m certain this wont be last you’ll hear of it.


Drunk With Venom EP


Drum and Bass



Punchbag VIP


Drum and Bass